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Shree Balaji Educational Development Trust

THIS TRUST DEED is being made on 20th day of August, Two Thousand and Ten (2010), Kolkata.

BY Sri Ram Deo Dubey, S/O Late Badri Nath Dubey, aged about 62 Year, resident of – Chauhan Patty, p.o –Chhatahan, P.S : Padri, Dist – Mirazapur, at present residing at – 3/58, Rabindra Nagar,P.S-Behala,Kolkata -700065 (Hereinafter called "AUTHOR/SETTLER of the Trust").

Whereas the settler desires to dedicate set apart and settle a Trust with the name and identification as "SHREE BALAJI EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRUST" for implementing endowing, managing and arranging various activities to promote scientific education and advancement propagation of and Vedic science culture and to promote and attaining enlistment of the common masses in society to begin with for extending humanitarian services in all their form and substance to the needy. Oppressed deserving and promising person and institutions who are in need to economic, medical and moral, education and social up liftmen and also to implement and endow various activities on health and education inside the country and abroad, social welfare program with special focus on health and healthy Human Physiology through natural and nature care including Yoga and medicine , natural and nature care , research centers etc. including other intention which are enumerated in the aims and objects of this trust deed. The Author/Settler of the trust does hereby nominate the following persons as Trustees and board of Trustees is hereby constituted as under:-

  1. Smt. Suparna Dubey aged about 30 years, w/o- Sri Yogesh Dubey, resident of – Chauhan Patty, p.o –Chhatahan, P.S : Padri, Dist – Mirzapur, presently residing at – C-15, Ebony Homes, Raspunj, Thakurpukur Bazar,P.S-Bishnupur Kolkata -700104,
  2. Yogesh Dubey s/o-Sri Ram Deo Dubey , aged bout 35 years, resident of– Chauhan Patty, p.o –Chhatahan, P.S : Padri, Dist – Mirazapur,presently residing At – C-15, Ebony Homes, Raspunj,P.S-Bishnupur,Kolkata -700104(Joint Managing TRUSTEE).
  3. Santosh Dubey s/o-Shri Ram Deo Dubey aged about 31 years , resident of – Chauhan Patty, p.o –Chhatahan, P.S : Padri, Dist – Mirzapur,U.P, presently residing at – 3/58, Rabindra Nagar , Kolkata -700065 ( TRUSTEE )

The Author/Settler does hereby convey and assigns to the Board of Trustee a total sum of RS. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) to hold the same to the Trustees in Perpetuity upon "Trust" and with the subject to the terms powers, provisions and declaration herein after contained.

The Trust formatted with the above trustees shall Be known as Trust Board of "SHREE BALAJI EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRUST" and shall be sole owner, custodian, manager and Legal Representatives of all the institutions to be created by it and it is hereby further declared that the Board of Trustees shall be and out of the income of the trust fund pay and discharge all expenses and charges in executing the aim and object of the trust.


For the consideration of the aforesaid, the Board of Trustees, do here by convenient with the author/Settler of the Trust that the Board of Trustees will stand and be possessed of the said sum of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five – Thousand) only which shall constitute hold Initial Trust Fund and provisions of these presents to be substitute or added in due execution of the Trust and power of these present designed as "The Trust Fund") upon the Trust for the uses and subject To the power, provisions, definitions, definitions of various Interpretations in this Trust deed and directions and Arrangements hereinafter declared and contained in this Deed.