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Programs Through NSDC

  1. SMART Global Planning & Organizing
  2. Decision Making
  3. TEAM Work
  4. Analytical & Critical Thinking
  5. Problem Solving Skill
  6. Assignment
  7. Audit & Returns
  8. E-return of DVAT, CST, Service tax
  9. Filing E-Return of value Added Tax
  10. Filing E-Return of Central Sales Tax
  11. Filing E-Return of Service Tax
  12. E-Return of TDS and Income tax
  13. Filing E-Return of Tax Deducted At Source
  14. Filing E-Return of Income Tax
  15. Managing Control Center & Support center
  16. Interview Plus
  17. Understand how an interview is conducted
  18. Identify your strength and weaknesses
  19. How to prepare for the interview
  20. Resume working

We offer many unique opportunities to the students through students friendly initiatives from our side e.g. Multi Entry Multi Exit, Online Examination System, Self Learning Materials, E-learning etc.